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Mr. Sports is back for its 20th fantasy football season!

Welcome to Mr. Sports Football!!!!

Week 9 Observations

*Stop with the Thursday night games already... teams are tiredand the product is diluted... next week: Ravens vs Browns... ah, I'll pass (unless I put money on it)
*Detroit is the best worst team in the league and please put out an APB for Marvin Jones
*Maybe we should calm all the Hall of Fame talk down on Mr. Wentzylvania
*Manning is still good...but tried to throw the game away in the end
*General Fitzpatrick islooking morelike a private... cant he really be this bad?
*Ajai didn't get 200 yards but did show up with 111 plus a TD
*Bortles is the worst first three quarter QB in the league...then comes the fourth quarter and he gets garbage stats... lucky for us fantasy players that the game is 60min
*Playing on the Jax theme, welcome to the end-zone Allen Robinson!
*Did you see T.Kelceget throwout of the game?... if not, check it out here... classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD6gGuurTOk
*The Cowboys are good... Romo will look great in Jet Green... trade Dez with him
*That Elliot guy is pretty good... same with Prescott
*Did you see amore uninspired performace of Pitt this week?...almost as embarrassing as their throw-back uni's... time for a coaching change?
*Mike Wallace can still fly
*Kaepernick throws for 398...Rodgers throws for 297... are we in a bizzaro world?
*Cam just doesn't look right... maybe stop complaining and start playing...
*Goff hasto be terrile, no way he should be still sitting...
*Here is the feeling in GB... Triple U: Uninspired, Unwatchable, Unfit
*SD tried to give another gameaway late but the defense wouldn't let it hapen this time... two defensive TD's
*That Rivers guy is good
*Are we sure that is really M. Gordon?... this is the guy we all expected last year... wow!
*Mariotta needs help areound him
*Denver needs a QB... maybe they can ask Santa-Elway for one... the Siemien Experience is closed for repair
*The Silver and Black are back... great QB, excellent RB, two good WR, crappy defense (sorry Mack, the rest of the D is awful), degenerate fans

Team of The week:
Week 1: Wrecking Crew, 195, owned by D. Ross, ML5
Week 2: The Team,, 176, owned by M. Bagley, ML 25
Week 3: Gamers, 197, owned by G. Siebern, ML 12
Week 4: Proverb's 3:5, 198, owned by M. Fazzio, ML 6
Week 5: Gridiron Gang, 205, owned by Duane McConnico, EL 3
Week 6: Gamers, 191, owned by Greg Siebern, ML 16
Week 7: Basket Case, 184, owned by Mike Hoffmaster, EL 7
Week 8: Schmedricks, 181, owned by MIke Hoffmaster, ML 20
Week 9: Temle of Doom, 181, owned by Jason Temple, ML 1

First come, first serve... email me now to get your teams!

Weekly Schedule:
Wednesday: Round 1 pickups
Friday: Trades due in the system (voted and posted Saturday)
Saturday: Round 2 pickups
Remember, you cannot pick up a player in RD 2 that played in Thursday night's game... if you do, they will be dropped from your roster
If you put a player on IR and it is his bye week, he will be waived.

Feerless Predictions

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Steelers
AFC West: Broncos
AFC South: Texans
NFC East: Redskins
NFC North: Packers
NFC West: Seattle
NFC South: Carolina

Wild Card Teams:
AFC: Chiefs, NYJ
NFC: Arizona, Vikings

Conference Champs
AFC: Patriots
NFC: Packers

Super Bowl Winner: Patriots

Another seaosn of the Brady "F U" Tour

Please check back to this page for regular updates. I will be updating this main page with any news which needs to be communicated to all of you as well as fun information from week to week.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at brian@mrsports.com, or use our comment form to send me your questions.

Payment is due before cutdowns start for keeper leagues and before the draft for one year leagues.
You may pay by credit card through the site or call me for arrangements.
You can also send a check to:
Mr. Sports
27702 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite D-4 #181
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

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