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Mr. Sports is back for its 21st fantasy football season!

Football is in full swing already here at Mr. Sports!!!

Week 8 All-Fantasy Team
*QB: R. Wilson, 43 points
*RB: E. Elliot, 26 points
*WR: D. Hopkins, 28 points
*WR: J. Smith-Schuster, 25 points
*HB: W. Fuller, 24 points
*TE: J. Doyle, 18 points
*PK: M. Prater, 18 points
*DL: C. Dunlap, 19 points
*DL: F. Clark, 13 points
*LB: J. Schobert, 20 points
*LB: CJ Mosley, 18 points
*CB: J. Smith, 18 points
*S: E. Thomas, 17 points

Random Thoughts from Week 8
*The football universe is a CRAZY place!
Who woulda thought: two Jones', two Benjamin's, JuJu, some guy named Malone, a Lockett, Chowder Crowder... ALL had more points than: AJ, Julio, M. Thomas, Antonio, Baldwin, Dez, Cooks
*Martivs Bryant doesn't have very good timing: 193-1, not his line, JuJu's!
*Raiders have completely fallen apart... Carr, QB14 this week and on the year: certainly not what you paid for... and if you started Cooper, only 48 yards, back to being WR50
*Please let me have the Texans coaching staff as my jury if I ever get in trouble... obviously they have no clue what is going on to start Tom Savage to begin the year over D. Watson
*Godspeed to Zach Miller... that injury looked horrific
*Your team needs one win to get into the playoffs, who do you want to play: SF, CLE, LAC, IND or NYG
*The greatness of Terrelle Pryor has gone the way of Washington's chances at the playoffs.
*Awesome stat (credit to Field Yates): Thielen only player to catch at least 5 passes in each game this year
*You might want to look for another line of work when you make Jay Cutler look like he is a better option than you (yes, I'm talkin' Matt Moore)
*Big breakout player: W. Snead... 1 reception, 8 yards on 3 targets- for the SEASON... Tommylee Lewis (great name by the way) has 84 yards on the year.
*Like I said Week 2, Andrew Luck will be shut down for the season... no announcement yet but it is coming soon
*Zeke is pretty good.... but will he finish the year on the bench?
*Raise your hand if you sat D. Watson or W. Fuller because of the "tough defensive matchup'?... (my hand raised high)
*Dez + Baldwin + Evans + AJ Green = P. Richardson
*McCaffrey a big disappointment... only RB32 with 7.00ppg
*Interesting terrible player: M. Gillislee... RD60 since Week 3
*Famous Jameis is getting really annoying... hard to sit him but he is so inconsistent a la Cam (QB15)
*14 of the Top 20 defensive players this week were either picked up late in the redraft or as free agents (or still available)
*Lacy + Rawls + McKissic = 5 rushing yards + 6 receiving yards = 1 point... run, and run fast, from SEA RB's

We are at the half-way fantasy point... here are some winners and losers this year
*QB: Biggest surprises: Watson (QB1) and A. Smith (QB3)
*QB: Biggest duds: Mariota (QB21) and M. Ryan (QB22)
*RB: Biggest surprises: Gurley (RB1), Hunt (RB2) and C. Thompson (RB7)
*RB: Biggest duds: D.Murray (RB23), Ajayi (RB28) and I. Crowell (RB50)
*WR: Biggest surprises: Fuller (WR4), Hogan (WR10) and N, Agholor (WR15)
*WR: Biggest duds: M. Thomas (WR19), A. Cooper (WR31), D. Thomas (WR50) and T. Pryor (WR60)
*TE: Biggest Surprises: really no big surprises
*TE: Biggest duds: J. Reed (TE32) and E. Ebron (TE41)
*DL: Biggest surprises: D. Lawrence (DL1) and T. Flowers (DL10)
*DL: Biggest duds: A. Donald (DL30), D.Hunter (DL43) and JJ Watt (DL100)
*LB: Biggest surprises: L. David (LB2), Vigil (LB7) and M. Jack (LB9)
*LB: Biggest duds: Ogletree (LB45) and S. Lee (LB47)
*DBacks: Biggest surprises: Byard (S2) and J. Poyer (CB1)
*DBacks: Biggest duds: L. Collins (S14)

My Power Four
Eagles... 7-1, going strong
Patriots... just keep winning but Hogan might miss time
Steelers... Where did this team come from?
Rams... bye week, still in my Top 4 but can they stay?

My Dreadful Four
Browns... commitment to losing
49ers... well, they try hard
Giants... at least they had a bye so they didn't lose again
Colts... they move into my Top 4... dead men walking

Weekly Schedule
Wednesday: RD 1 pickups (posted Thursday)
Friday: Trades due in the system (voted and osted Saturday)
Saturday: RD 2 pickups (posted after midnight Sunday)
Note: For RD 2 pickups, no player that played prior to Sunday games are eligible for pickup or drop... if you do pick up someone, that player will be dropped from your team.

Feerless Predictions 2017
I picked Patriots last year so I'm sure you're in high anticipation

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Steelers
AFC West: Broncos
AFC South: Texans
NFC East: Eagles
NFC North: Packers
NFC West: Seahawks
NFC South: Saints

Wild Card Teams:
AFC: Bengals, Chiefs
NFC: Vikings, Panthers

Conference Champs
AFC: Patriots
NFC: Seahawks

Super Bowl Winner: Seahawks

A rematch and this time, Pete decides to run the ball at the goal line.

Please check back to this page for regular updates. I will be updating this main page with any news which needs to be communicated to all of you as well as fun information from week to week.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at brian@mrsports.com, or use our comment form to send me your questions.

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