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Mr. Sports is back for its 19th fantasy football season!

High Roller League: Saturday Sept 5, 12:00pm EST ($500 entry)
Payout is $3000 to the winner!!!

Email me NOW to reserve your spot... first come, first serve...

Team For Sale Blowout Special!!
Any Expert League Team: $100 (and if it is in EL 12, it is only $50)
Any Major League team: $50
Email me now to get your team! brian@mrsports.com

Season Starts: Thur. Sept. 10th

Congrats to 2014 winners!!

Super Tourney, Champ of Champs this year:
Michael Cremer, 49ers in EL 12

The League Winners
CL 1: Draft and Pray (B. Engel)
CL 2: LJ (L. Jones)
EL 1: Gamers (G. Siebern)
EL 2: The Dragon's (M. Adams)
EL 3: Morgan's Will (D. McCrea)
EL 6: Delta House (S. Severance)
EL 7: Passadena One Track (K. Kirchofer)
EL 8: Chargers (N. Andreoli)
EL 9: Vikings (N. Andreoli)
EL 10: Steelers (M. Cremer)
EL 11: Temple of Doom (J. Temple)
EL 12: 49ers (M. Cremer)
EL 14: Bagel Boyz (Randy and Bradley Halpern)
EL 17: Romans 8:28 (M. Adams)
EL 21: Team Blow (N. Ward)
EL 22: Jets (B. Engel)
ML 1: Critical Catch (A. Pulanco)
ML 2: BabaBooeys (T. Difiore)
ML 3: Dirty McNasty (T. Barker)
ML 5: Fourth and Goal (M. Cremer)
ML 6: Toronto Vipers (J. Zinga)
ML 7: The Darks (S. Darcy and R. Flanagan)
ML 8: SCLSU Mud Dogs (A. Moser)
ML 9: Revenge of the Nerds (D. DuVall)
ML 10: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 11: Cardinals (M. Cremer)
ML 12: Mind Reflections (T. Huegin)
ML 13: Dawg Pound (W. Brown)
ML 14: OVERTIME (M. Cremer)
ML 15: Stallions (D. Witt)
ML 16: Gamers (G. Siebern)
ML 18: Sedona Sunset (L. Nelson)
ML 19: Boston Strong (D. Lutz)
ML 20: The Sundowners (P. Moser)
ML 23: Lions (Unowned)
ML 25: Renegade Baumers (R. Baum)

Best of luck to all the finalist!!

Team of the Week winners for the 2014 season:
Week 1: Satchel of Pain- ML13- 185 (V. Turner)
Week 2: Sunscreen Wildebeests- ML20- 178 (Dave/Josh Cooper)
Week 3: Joseph Rothstein- ML20- 190 (J. Pizzuto)
Week 4: Little Green- ML16- 193 (L. Nelson)
Week 5: D & D- ML15- 190 (K. O'Dowd)
Week 6: LA Raiders- EL8- 194 (Tom/Jim Snaza)
Week 7: Bucs- ML7- 173 (D. Summerfield)
Week 8: Gamers- ML 16- 222 (G. Siebern)
Week 9: The Team- ML 25- 191 (M. Bagley)
Week 10: Al Davis A-Files- ML 25- 203 (J. Hatcher)
Week 11: Job 1:21- EL 7- 190 (M. Fazzio)
Week 12: Critical Catch- EL 17- 188 (T. Pulanco)
Week 13: Howard 4 Life- ML 12- 201 (D. DuVall)
Week 14: Grid Lock- CL 1- 209 (S. Rockmael)

Weekly Schedule:
Wednesday: Round 1 pickups
Friday: deadline has passed
Saturday: Round 2 pickups
Remember, you cannot pick up a player in RD 2 that played in Thursday night's game... if you do, they will be dropped from your roster

Please check back to this page for regular updates. I will be updating this main page with any news which needs to be communicated to all of you as well as fun information from week to week.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at brian@mrsports.com, or use our comment form to send me your questions.

Payment is due before cutdowns start for keeper leagues and before the draft for one year leagues.
You may pay by credit card through the site or call me for arrangements.
You can also send a check to:
Mr. Sports
27702 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite D-4 #181
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

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