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Mr. Sports is back for its 21st fantasy football season!

Football is in full swing already here at Mr. Sports!!!

Week 7 All-Fantasy Team
*QB: D. Prescott and D. Carr, 35 points
*RB: E. Elliot, 39 points
*WR: A. Cooper, 33 points
*WR: K. Stills, 20 points
*HB: L. McCoy, 23 points
*TE: OJ Howard, 21 points
*PK: K. Forbath, 23 points
*DL: E. Griffen, 17 points
*DL: C. Campbell, 15 points
*LB: C. Kirskey, 21 points
*LB: L. David, 20 points
*CB: D. House, 13 points
*S: K. Byard, 22 points

Random Thoughts from Week 7
*Six Teams did not score a TD: TEN, CAR, CLE, ARI, DEN, IND
*J-E-T-S woke up, remembered they were the JETS
*The Chiefs defense found A. Cooper to the tune of 33 points
*Siemian back to reality... who in Denver thought he was the answer?
*28-3... leads to 54-7 and no Super Bowl
*Flacco is never the answer to any question, unless it is "who do I drop from my team"
*Saints and defense usually aren't in the same paragraph... this year, one of the best D's the last four weeks
*Cleveland and San Fran... two historically bad teams with no QB and no hope
*Gordon + Howard + Ajayi = L. Murray
*No one has any idea what Cam will do week-to-week... frustrating for all... but he wears nice hats
*TEN vs CLE... no even felons should be subject to watch that garbage
*Alert: Zeke is pretty good
*Very thin week at RB: only 13 with double digit points
*Rivers keeps getting the job done, underrated team with no home... the first team in London?
*Packer fans: book your ice fishing huts for January 6th, no playoffs for you
*Green + Allen + Fitzgerald + Nelson + Hilton + D. Adamas = T. Ginn
*Rams... excellent defense, very good offense and still no fans at the games
*Of the highly drafted or kept defensive players, E. Griffen (#7) and Bosa (#32) are highest scoring Week 7
*No reason for Luck to come back this season... the staff has obviously mailed it in knowing they will be fired
*Arizona should trade for Brissett, would be a nice match for them

We are at the half-way fantasy point... here are some winners and losers this year
*QB: Biggest surprises: Watson (QB1) and A. Smith (QB3)
*QB: Biggest duds: Mariota (QB21) and M. Ryan (QB22)
*RB: Biggest surprises: Gurley (RB1), Hunt (RB2) and C. Thompson (RB7)
*RB: Biggest duds: D.Murray (RB23), Ajayi (RB28) and I. Crowell (RB50)
*WR: Biggest surprises: Fuller (WR4), Hogan (WR10) and N, Agholor (WR15)
*WR: Biggest duds: M. Thomas (WR19), A. Cooper (WR31), D. Thomas (WR50) and T. Pryor (WR60)
*TE: Biggest Surprises: really no big surprises
*TE: Biggest duds: J. Reed (TE32) and E. Ebron (TE41)
*DL: Biggest surprises: D. Lawrence (DL1) and T. Flowers (DL10)
*DL: Biggest duds: A. Donald (DL30), D.Hunter (DL43) and JJ Watt (DL100)
*LB: Biggest surprises: L. David (LB2), Vigil (LB7) and M. Jack (LB9)
*LB: Biggest duds: Ogletree (LB45) and S. Lee (LB47)
*DBacks: Biggest surprises: Byard (S2) and J. Poyer (CB1)
*DBacks: Biggest duds: L. Collins (S14)

My Power Four
Eagles... solid all around team, love the Wentz-to-Ertz connection
Patriots... they're baaaaack!
Chiefs... need to get it going on defense
Rams... what, Rams?... have I lost my mind?... nope, solid all around

My Dreadful Four
Browns... worst... team... by far
49ers... not far behind CLE for worst
Giants... no hope here... old QB, no WR or RB, not a great D... trouble!
Cardinals... they are d-o-n-e... put a fork in 'em

Weekly Schedule
Wednesday: RD 1 pickups (posted Thursday)
Friday: Trades due in the system (voted and osted Saturday)
Saturday: RD 2 pickups (posted after midnight Sunday)
Note: For RD 2 pickups, no player that played prior to Sunday games are eligible for pickup or drop... if you do pick up someone, that player will be dropped from your team.

Feerless Predictions 2017
I picked Patriots last year so I'm sure you're in high anticipation

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Steelers
AFC West: Broncos
AFC South: Texans
NFC East: Eagles
NFC North: Packers
NFC West: Seahawks
NFC South: Saints

Wild Card Teams:
AFC: Bengals, Chiefs
NFC: Vikings, Panthers

Conference Champs
AFC: Patriots
NFC: Seahawks

Super Bowl Winner: Seahawks

A rematch and this time, Pete decides to run the ball at the goal line.

Please check back to this page for regular updates. I will be updating this main page with any news which needs to be communicated to all of you as well as fun information from week to week.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at brian@mrsports.com, or use our comment form to send me your questions.

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