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Mr. Sports is back for its 18th fantasy football season!

Week 1 in the books

Team of the Week honors go to: Satchel of Pain in ML 13, owned by Vernon Turner, with 185 points

Offense was led by:
M. Stafford: 31pts, is this finally the year he doesn't screw it up for DET?... my guess is yes, he is a Top 5 QB this year
J. Thomas: 28pts, the #3 TE a year ago, he is gunning for #1... with Peyton throwing the rock to him, there is a great possibility he outscores Dunkin' Jimmy
M. Bryant: 18pts, it pains me to mentioned a kicker as a top player so I won't say anything... nice work!

Defense was led by:
H. Smith: 18pts, hurt for most of last season he is one of the top IDP's to come back in 2014... maybe the MIN defense will be respectable this seaosn
C. Wake: 17pts, after a sub-par 2013 he came out with a bang in 2014, forcing two fumbles and adding two sacks... can MIA not be MIA this season and take it to NE?... after one week, signs are positive but I'm not sold
K. Dansby: 13pts, very good pickup for CLE... he is a hard-nosed player that just knows how to make the bi play... should be a Dawg Pound favorite

Congrats again, Vernon... great week!

Weekly Schedule:
Wednesday: Round 1 pickups
Friday: Trades due in the system, posted Saturday
Saturday: Round 2 pickups

Congrats to the League Champs of 2013:
CL 1: Kegan's Krush (M.Hurford)
CL 2: Gotta Pray (B.Engel)
EL 1: Irish Panthers (M.Mazzoni/M.Fazzio)
EL 2: Ventura Highwaymen (L.Jones)
EL 3: Deuteronomy 31:6 (M.Fazzio)
EL 6: Cholos (B.Engel)
EL 7: Job 1:21 (M.Fazzio)
EL 8: Team Blow (N.Ward)
EL 9: The Millenium (P.Zamarin)
EL 10: Meaganomics (J.Abbey)
EL 11: Pimpin Ain't Easy (M.Hoffmaster)
EL 12: Bringin Down the House (B.Engel)
EL 14: WKU Hilltoppers (R.Soucy)
EL 17: Titans (M.Cremer)
EL 21: 21 Gamers (G.Siebern)
EL 22: Deep Freeze (David/Bryan Nistler)
ML 1: SCfan (J.Shell)
ML 2: Green Eggs and Ham (P.Schutz)
ML 3: Wrecking Crew 2 (D.Ross)
ML 5: Saints (Jim & Tom Snaza)
ML 6: Republican Afterbirth(T.Evans)
ML 7: Bucs (D.Summerford)
ML 8: SCLSU Mud Dogs (A.Moser)
ML 9: Revenge of the Nerds (D.DuVall)
ML 10: Taco Toss (D.McCrea)
ML 11: Bucs (Mick and JD Lussier)
ML 12: Howard 4 Life (D.DuVall)
ML 13: Rescued Greyhounds (P.Moser)
ML 14: Cowboys (unowned)
ML 15: D & D (David & Dakota Dinges)
ML 16: Patriots (B.Gayhart)
ML 18: FunkyJunk (D.Lutz)
ML 19: Outcasts III (R.Servaty)
ML 20: Dawg Pound II (W.Brown)
ML 23: WKU Hilltoppers (R.Soucy)
ML 25: Renegade Baumers (R.Baum)

My feerless picks for 2013:

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Bengals
AFC South: Texans
AFC West: Denver
AFC Wild Card: Steelers, Chiefs

NFC East: Eagles
NFC North: Bears
NFC South: Saints
NFC West: 49ers
NFC Wild Card: Packers, Seahawks

AFC Champ: Patriots
NFC Champ: Seahawks

Super Bowl Champ: Seahawks

Love it, hate it, mock it, reaction!!

Please check back to this page for regular updates. I will be updating this main page with any news which needs to be communicated to all of you as well as fun information from week to week.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at brian@mrsports.com, or use our comment form to send me your questions.

Payment is due before cutdowns start for keeper leagues and before the draft for one year leagues.
You may pay by credit card through the site or call me for arrangements.
You can also send a check to:
Mr. Sports
27702 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite D-4 #181
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

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