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Mr. Sports is back for its 21st fantasy football season!

The regular fantasy season is over... it is on to the playoffs!

2017 All-Fantasy Team (min. 9 games played)
*QB: R. Wilson, 26.85ppg
*RB: T. Gurley, 17.92ppg
*WR: A. Brown, 15.54ppg
*WR: D. Hopkins, 14.00ppg
*HB: L. Bell, 16.62ppg
*TE: R. Gronkowski, 11.09ppg
*PK: G. Zuerlein, 13.08ppg
*DL: D. Lawrence, 9.92ppg
*DL: C. Campbell, 8.92ppg
*LB: L. Kuechly, 12.08ppg
*LB: T. Smith, 11.64ppg
*CB: J. Poyer, 9.25ppg
*S: R. Jones/L. Collins, 9.85ppg

My biggest disappointments from 2017... and they probably caused you to miss the playoffs!
*QB: Marriota (14ppg), Winston (16ppg), D. Carr (17ppg)
Several of you bought high on these three, betting that they were going to "break-out"... losing this bet, they probably single handedly cost you a playoff spot... it is looking more and more likely that both Winston and Marriota are more Andy Dalton than Cam Newton... and Carr more Ryan than Big Ben

*RB: Powell (6.83ppg), Henry (7.23ppg), Ajayi (7.25ppg), CJ Anderson (7.69ppg), D. Murray (8.38ppg), Freeman (10.36ppg)
All were expected to be over 10ppg and key players in your lineup... with some depth and luck, you probably overcame these failed players.
Freeman is the biggest disappointment of the bunch... expected to be in the Top 5 RB range, he underperformed bigly

*WR: A. Cooper (6.17ppg), Dex (7.77ppg), M. Evans (7.83ppg), Diggs (8.64ppg), M. Thomas (9.00ppg), Julio (9.92ppg)
Every one of these players had a huge impact on your team... these are the ones that make me the most upset
Cooper: outside of 2 big weeks, he averaged 2.9ppg over 10 games
Dez: if he played as well as he runs his mouth, he would be the best WR in the league
Evans: over the last six weeks, the "money weeks", he averaged a robust 4.6ppg... playoff killer!
Diggs: first three weeks were huge (17.33ppg)... over the last eight weeks he played, only one double-digit week and had a 5.37ppg mark
Thomas: he did come on the last 2 weeks and was OK during the season, he just didnt live up to the draft spot or the players you had to give up to get him... expectation was Top 5 WR, reality was WR15
Julio Jones: take out his one huge game, 38 points, he he is only a 7.58ppg WR which would make him WR28... highly disappointing year, especially for me since I drafted him twice at #4 draft spot... c'mon man!

*TE: no real disappointments in my eyes as I believe only three TE's were worth giving up much for: Gronk, Kelce, Ertz... they came in 1, 2, 3... did we all want more from Henry, OJ Howard, Hooper, Fleener and Olsen (who got hurt), of course... but we didn't give up much or got them in the redraft.

*Defense: Ansah (5.55ppg), Burfict (8.67ppg), Ogletree (8.92ppg)
Ansah: this guy is suppose to be 'The Man" every year and every year he disappoints.. I'm done you with Ziggy!
Burfict and Ogletree: expected over 10ppg from each of them but they were well under... probably cost you an important game during the season

Some of my biggest fantasy surprises in 2017
*QB: Smith (22.54ppg), Goff (19.69ppg), Keenum (18.92ppg), McCown (18.92ppg)
Smith: huge breakout, sure didn't see this coming... but will it be enough to hold off Mahomes next season?
Goff: I guess Fisher WAS that bad
Keenum: MIN is trying everything to get him outta there but he keeps winning and putting up big numbers... predicted next season landing spot: Broncos
McCown: great unexpected season, helped some of you get to the playoffs

*RB: Kamara (14.15ppg), Ingram (13.00ppg)... from Week 5 through 14, they were RB2 and RD3 at over 16ppg each... both have over 1200 total yards... who would have thought that both could be started each week?... pretty amazing when New Orleans has Drew Brees at QB
Year of the Rookie: Fournette, Kamara, Hunt (although only one double-digit game in his last six), McCaffrey, Mixon, Perine, A. Jones, J. Williams, Cohen, Eckler, Foreman, Mack
I think every one of these RB's will have a bigger role in 2018... get your popcorn ready

*WR: Thielen (10.15ppg), M. Jones (10ppg), R.Anderson (9.23ppg), Woods (9.10ppg), Funches (8.69ppg), Smith-Schuster (8.20ppg)
Plus there are about another 10 that you could have plugged in for a few weeks

*TE: Engram (7.15ppg)... another rookie producing solid results

*Kicker: Zuerlein (13.08ppg)... you say kickers don't matter?... here is a list of players he outscored this year
Gordon, Winston, Fournette, McCoy, Howard, L. Miller, AJ Green, C. Hyde, Julio

D. Lawrence (9.92ppg): drafted late in the redraft, absolute steal this year and a sure-fire keeper
J. Schobert (11.23ppg) and B. Martinez (11.15ppg): claimed off the waiver wire, they were LB5 and LB6 and helped you compete or win a playoff spot

Finally, the All-Injury Team... really sad to see these players out and they absolutely killed fantasy teams
QB: Watson, Rodgers, Wentz, Luck
RB: D. Johnson, D. Cook, S. Ware, T. Montgomery, Elliot (sus)
WR: Beckham, Robinson, Edelman
TE: Reed, Eifert
DL: Watt

What a season filled with ups and downs, close wins, unexpected loses and a lot of fun!
Good luck to the teams that make the playoffs!

My Power Four
Patriots... even with a loss at MIA, I have them in the birds-eye seat
Steelers... looking like they are hitting their stride, huge game this week v NE
Vikings... I'm a Keenum fan and their defense is one of the best
Eagles... loss of Wents drops them off #1 spot... still a contender but let's see what Foles has

My Dreadful Four
Browns... 0-13, another record! only team to start back-to-back seasons 0-13, nice work!
Giants... when does 2018 start?
Colts... just a bad team
Broncos... desperately needs a QB

Weekly Schedule
Wednesday: RD 1 pickups (posted Thursday)
Friday: Trading deadline has past
Saturday: RD 2 pickups (posted after midnight Sunday)
Note: For RD 2 pickups, no player that played prior to Sunday games are eligible for pickup or drop... if you do pick up someone, that player will be dropped from your team.

Feerless Predictions 2017
I picked Patriots last year so I'm sure you're in high anticipation

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Steelers
AFC West: Broncos
AFC South: Texans
NFC East: Eagles
NFC North: Packers
NFC West: Seahawks
NFC South: Saints

Wild Card Teams:
AFC: Bengals, Chiefs
NFC: Vikings, Panthers

Conference Champs
AFC: Patriots
NFC: Seahawks

Super Bowl Winner: Seahawks

A rematch and this time, Pete decides to run the ball at the goal line.

Please check back to this page for regular updates. I will be updating this main page with any news which needs to be communicated to all of you as well as fun information from week to week.

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