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Current Roster

The Sundowners
Phil Moser
Roseburg, OR

NamePos.TeamAgeBye WeekHealthInjury
Ryan TannehillQBMia 30No More Bye   
Kirk CousinsQBMin 30No More Bye   
Matt BarkleyQBBuf 28No More Bye   
Nick MullensQBSF 24No More Bye   
Baker MayfieldQBCle N/ANo More Bye   
Matt RyanQBAtl 34No More Bye   
Jeff WilsonRBSF N/ANo More Bye   
Marshawn LynchRBIR 33****   
Ronald JonesRBTB 21No More Bye   
Kerryon JohnsonRBIR 21****   
Alex CollinsRBIR 24****   
Peyton BarberRBTB 24No More Bye   
Dontrelle InmanWRInd 30No More Bye   
Curtis SamuelWRCar 22No More Bye   
Kenny StillsWRMia 27No More Bye   
Marqise LeeWRIR 27****   
Amari CooperWRDal 24No More Bye   
Adam HumphriesWRTB 25No More Bye   
Sterling ShepardWRNYG 26No More Bye   
Demaryius ThomasWRIR 31****   
Cole BeasleyWRDal 30No More Bye   
Evan EngramTENYG 24No More Bye   
Ka'imi FairbairnPKHou 25No More Bye   
Greg ZuerleinPKLAR 31No More Bye   
Ziggy AnsahDLIR 29****   
Jerry HughesDLBuf 30No More Bye   
Aaron DonaldDLLAR 28No More Bye   
Preston BrownLBIR 26****   
Joe SchobertLBCle 25No More Bye   
Kwon AlexanderLBIR 24****   
Danny TrevathanLBChi 29No More Bye   
Donte JacksonCBCar N/ANo More Bye   
Jaire AlexanderCBGB N/ANo More Bye   
Kenny VaccaroS Ten 28No More Bye