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Current Roster

Legion of Boom
Derek Lutz
Roy, WA

NamePos.TeamAgeBye WeekHealthInjury
Russell WilsonQBSea 30No More Bye   
Josh AllenQBBuf 23No More Bye   
Josh RosenQBAri 22No More Bye   
Jamaal WilliamsRBGB 24No More Bye   
Derrius GuiceRBIR N/A****   
Justin JacksonRBLAC N/ANo More Bye   
Gus EdwardsRBBal N/ANo More Bye   
Chris CarsonRBSea 24No More Bye   
Ezekiel ElliottRBDal 23No More Bye   
Devontae BookerRBDen 26No More Bye   
Jordan HowardRBChi 24No More Bye   
Odell BeckhamWRNYG 26No More Bye   
Nelson AgholorWRPhi 25No More Bye   
Tre'Quan SmithWRNO 23No More Bye   
Keke CouteeWRHou 22No More Bye   
David MooreWRSea 24No More Bye   
Dante PettisWRSF 23No More Bye   
Tyrell WilliamsWRLAC 27No More Bye   
Curtis SamuelWRCar 22No More Bye   
Evan EngramTENYG 24No More Bye   
Graham GanoPKCar 32No More Bye   
Greg ZuerleinPKLAR 31No More Bye   
Chandler JonesDLAri 29No More Bye   
Matt IoannidisDLWas N/ANo More Bye   
Kenny ClarkDLGB 23No More Bye   
Chris JonesDLKC 24No More Bye   
Shaq ThompsonLBCar 25No More Bye   
Darron LeeLBIR 24****   
Bobby WagnerLBSea 28No More Bye   
Demario DavisLBNO 30No More Bye   
Darius SlayCBDet 28No More Bye   
Shaquill GriffinCBSea N/ANo More Bye   
D.J. SwearingerS F/A 27****   
Brad McDougaldS Sea 28No More Bye