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Roster Scores for Week 10, 2017

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Corner Blitz
Tom Gough
Horseheads, NY

Mike Krupa
Clarence Center, NY

QBMatt RyanAtl18 17.11154215 Pass, 2 TD, 1 Int
RBJoe MixonCin10 7.336637 Rush, 3 Receiving, 1 TD
WRCorey DavisTen3 2.751148 Receiving, 1 Fumb
WRPaul RichardsonSea4 8.007243 Receiving
TEDelanie WalkerTen6 5.334863 Receiving
HB (WR)Sammy WatkinsLAR10 6.445841 Receiving, 1 TD
PKKa'imi FairbairnHou0 6.44581 XP, 1 Miss(<40)
DLMichael BennettSea3 5.89531 Tackle, 2 Assists
DLJoey BosaLAC8 9.44853 Tackles, 1 Assist, 1.0 Sack
LBReuben FosterSF10 8.25336 Tackles, 4 Assists
LBBenardrick McKinneyHou4 6.89623 Tackles, 1 PD
CBA.J. BouyeJac10 6.22563 Tackles, 1 Assist, 1 Int, 1 PD
SReshad JonesMia7 9.89894 Tackles, 3 Assists
QBJimmy Garoppolo SFDNP 0.000 Did Not Play
RBElijah McGuire NYJ0(5) 3.7037 22 Rush, 36 Receiving
WRJosh Doctson Was0(3) 4.1137 30 Receiving
HB (WR)Curtis Samuel Car0(4) 1.5614 45 Receiving
DLJurrell Casey Ten0(1) 4.8944 1 Tackle
LBLorenzo Alexander Buf0(9) 8.4476 6 Tackles, 3 Assists
Off = 51 Def = 42 Total = 93
RBJavorius Allen BalDNP 7.7870 Team had a Bye
RBAlex Collins BalDNP 5.3348 Team had a Bye
RBMarshawn Lynch OakDNP 7.1357 Team had a Bye
WROdell Beckham IRDNP 7.8347 Team has not played yet
WRKenny Golladay Det6 6.5026 64 Receiving
WRJosh Gordon IRDNP0.000 Team has not played yet
WRDede Westbrook IRDNP0.000 Team has not played yet
DLJ.J. Watt IRDNP 2.8317 Team has not played yet
CBMarcus Peters KCDNP 6.6760 Team had a Bye
PositionInjured ReserveProTWPPDTotalBreakdown
QBAndrew Luck IRDNP 0.000 Team has not played yet
QBDeshaun Watson IRDNP 28.86202 Team has not played yet