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Roster Scores for Week 02, 2009

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Mike Higgins
Round Rock, TX

QBAaron RodgersGB200.000
RBChris JohnsonTen460.000
WRAndre JohnsonHou260.000
WRMario ManninghamNYG210.000
TEVishante ShiancoeMin60.000
HB (RB)Ronnie BrownMia250.000
PKLawrence TynesNYG140.000
DLElvis DumervilDen270.000
DLTamba HaliKC10.000
LBJon BeasonCar60.000
LBDave HarrisNYJ50.000
CBRichard MarshallCar90.000
SAdrian WilsonAri110.000
Position1st BackupsProTWPPDTotalBreakdown
QBKurt Warner Ari0(21) 0.000
RBMike Bell NO0(15) 0.000
WREarl Bennett Chi0(2) 0.000
TEDustin Keller NYJ0(8) 0.000
HB (RB)Ricky Williams Mia0(7) 0.000
DLChris Long StL0(5) 0.000
LBDeMeco Ryans Hou0(9) 0.000
CBBrandon Flowers KC0(4) 0.000
Off = 158 Def = 59 Total = 217
RBMewelde Moore Pit20.000
RBPierre Thomas Jr. NO00.000
WRChris Henry Cin60.000
WRDeSean Jackson Phi170.000
WRMalcolm Kelly Was40.000
WRBrandon Marshall Den40.000
LBRey Maualuga Cin140.000
PositionInjured ReserveProTWPPDTotalBreakdown
QBMichael Vick PhiDNP 0.00 0.00 Did Not Play
WRJeremy Maclin Phi1 0.000

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