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2018 Summary for The Twelfth Man

Andrew Fisher
Villas, NJ

National Ranking Summary
Ranking137th 92nd 97th
Average 122.84 62.00 184.84

Week No.Schedule/Results
Week 1  L      The Twelfth Man 131.92, Chargers 141.66
Week 2  L      The Twelfth Man 135.4, Broncos 206.06
Week 3  L      The Twelfth Man 159.9, Bengals 177.84
Week 4 W     The Twelfth Man 216.62, Mama's Boys 176.96
Week 5 W     The Twelfth Man 237.38, Packers 161.26
Week 6 W     The Twelfth Man 227.8, Colts 145.34
Week 7 The Twelfth Man 1.5, Deuteronomy 28:9 0.0
Week 8           The Twelfth Man The Trading Post
Week 9           The Twelfth Man FLEA FLICKER
Week 10           The Twelfth Man Chiefs
Week 11           The Twelfth Man Numbers 22:29
Week 12           The Twelfth Man Bengals
Week 13           The Twelfth Man Chargers
Week 14           The Twelfth Man Packers