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Who's Hot Owners

Accomplishments-2015 thru 2017


Summary Information Playoff HistoryTop 20 RankingsMisc.
RankOwnerPointsSeasonsDiv. Wild2ndChampOffenseDefenseTotalTotWSuper
1.Marc Fazzio60371 33681512,15,15,18,197,7,11,187,12,14,15,1622,7,8,12,15,16,19,20
2.Michael Cremer44255 198481,2,3,12,14,15,17,1774,6,8,13,15,1743,3,3,6,10,16
3.Larry Jones36953 1825461,1,2,2,3,3,5,6,9,9,10,10,131,10,16,18,19,20314,14
4.Mike Hoffmaster34562 186841,10,141,153,8,10,15,1839,14
5.Unowned Team254121 19745123,11 320
6.Tom Gough24333 112264,1010,134,512,16
6.Mike Krupa24333 112264,1010,134,512,16
8.Greg Siebern23115 102422,5,9,13142,9,10,11,1425,13
8.Duane McConnico23116 1003534,171,11,1228,10,20,20
10.Ray Patricio20911 70061,20143,822,5,7,9,12
11.Joe Pizzuto17114 6205126,15401,4,11,16
12.Jason Temple14813 60327,8153,7311,19
13.Drew DuVall13113 8123 314110
14.Tony Pulanco13022 61133 4,1305
15.Lee Lamonna1208 60126,10,11102010
16.Dave Summerford11824 43322,19 9,161 
17.Dave Lutz10627 543115118118
18.Walter Brown10412 52314,7719015
19.Bob Lanciault9935 46228  013
20.Mark Adams9536 61211812,15,16,17,201805

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